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Huuk Academy
About Us

Huuk Academy

Our course will bring you to a whole new level to become a professional barber. Course including men’s hair cutting with clipper and scissors work, differenttypes of hair styles, beard trimming and hot towel shaves with face massage as well. 

Unlock your potential

After finish this course you’ll definetly at a sufficient level to work in a barbershop and have a chance to work with huuk barbershop.

Why Choose Us

You will learn the latest technique to help you become a professional barber. Huuk Academy definitely is the best place to start.

Hair Styles
Razor Technique
Beard Shaving
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Our Instructor

danny mercury

He has been a barber professionally since 2017 and joined Huuk Barbershop in 2020 as a branch manager at the same time where he joined BabylissPRO as a brand ambassador and not to forget that he got appointed as JADIOC professional ambassador you know you’re getting your education from a highly skilled and trusted barber in the industry.